How To Know If It's Time To Replace Your Exterior Siding


The siding on your house can give it excellent added curb appeal, but it's not just there for looks. Exterior siding is protection on the outside of your home to keep the inside safe, warm, and dry. Properly installed quality products are made to last a long time, but occasionally things do happen to shorten their lifespan. Our mid-Missouri construction company has a few warning signs for you to look for that indicate it's time to replace all or portions of your exterior siding. 

Damaged Areas
There are many different things that can cause damage to a home's siding. Among these are severe storms, hail, animals like woodpeckers or squirrels, or falling tree limbs. Look for dents, chips, cracks, holes, or any material that is loose. Always be sure to do an inspection after a big storm. If any of these problems are not corrected, water could get underneath the siding, causing expensive problems for the structure. 

Appearance of Mold, Mildew, or Fungus
If you see any of this on the surface of your siding, it's a sure sign that there is water underneath. This will need to be corrected before the dampness begins affecting the walls. 

Excessive heat or exposure to large amounts of water can sometimes cause small bubbles or blisters to form on the surface of the siding. This can be a good sign that water is trapped inside the house's frame. If you notice any change to the smoothness of your siding, you may need to replace that section right away. 

When you notice that your exterior siding has started to fade or change in color at all, that means that the waterproofing on it has reached its limits. You can expect to need a touch-up every 8-10 years, but if you are re-painting more often than that, you might need to put up brand new material. 

High Energy Costs
Siding helps to insulate your house. If there has been a huge spike in what you are spending to heat and cool it, new siding might remedy this problem. Our mid-Missouri home renovation team can help you find the right material for your particular building.  

Interior Wall Damage
Loose wallpaper or peeling paint on the inside of your home could be an indicator that water has made its way underneath the exterior siding. If that water has seeped in enough to cause interior problems, you may need more help than just new siding.  

Exterior siding has come a long way over the years. It lasts longer than ever and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Midwest Renovation even has access to materials that look similar to real wood or stone. Our renovation company in Missouri uses only the best quality materials, and our team members go through extensive training so they get the job done right. 

If you notice any of the signs that we listed above, or if you are considering renovating your Missouri house and would like to add brand new exterior siding, give us a call. We can provide you with a free inspection and estimate, letting you know exactly what to expect if you decide to have the work done. When we take on a project for you, we aren't finished until you are 100% satisfied. 

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