Rain-Out Under Deck Ceilings Keep The Rain Out In More Ways Than One


This is a wonderful time of year to spend some quality time enjoying the outdoor living area of your home. Fall weather can be a bit unpredictable though, so a covered deck is ideal for allowing you be outside but still safe from the elements. Our renovation company servicing all of Missouri is happy to be able to offer the incredible Rain-Out coated aluminum under deck ceilings that not only look amazing, but they also offer your home some added protection against possible rain damage.  

Rain-Out Keeps the Rain Out!
The name of this product is also its purpose - to get the rain out! The panels in our Rain-Out under deck ceilings are designed to capture and re-route rainwater that falls between the decking boards above your outdoor patio. That water is then directed to a gutter and downspout system which sends the rainwater to the ground below, rather than allowing it to pool on your deck ceiling. If the water were to remain up there, it could cause damage and leaks, meaning expensive repairs down the road. 

The unique panel locking system that Rain-Out implements is the most rain-resistant system available. It ensures that you stay cozy and dry while enjoying your outdoor living area while taking away any worries about leaking rainwater disturbing your patio. Since the water is routed away from your home, it also prevents any from seeping down into your basement.   

Custom Designed To Fit Your Home
Rain-Out under deck ceilings are available in a variety of colors, and they blend in beautifully with any house's architecture. Instead of having to look up at ugly deck framing, you get a custom-designed ceiling that will add to the value of your home. Due to the incredible design of this product, angles aren't even a problem. 

There are some wonderful additional elements that can be built into your Rain-Out under deck ceiling too, including lights for those beautiful evenings outside, ceiling fans for the warm days, and even heaters for when the temperatures start cooling off. Remote control heaters will keep you toasty warm, and there is even an option that comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers for background music while you relax on your patio. If you want to keep the bugs out too, ask your Midwest Renovation representative about the possibility of installing Bug-Out roller shades. 

There are still a couple of months of pleasant outdoor weather to enjoy before Missouri's winter cold chases you indoors. Let Missouri's best renovation company turn your boring outdoor patio into a gorgeous spot where you can enjoy relaxing with family and friends. 

Consultations and quotes are always FREE from Midwest Renovation, so it won't cost you a thing to simply find out how we can improve your outdoor, as well as your indoor, living spaces. One call does it all, and you may be happily surprised to find out how affordable adding a Rain-Out under deck ceiling can actually be. For all of your home and office renovation needs, our highly qualified and well-trained staff is standing by to get the job done right. 

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